Creative Services

I Design Stuff.

That about sums it up — I am a freelance graphic artist specializing in all sorts of creative services. I’ve designed everything from websites to mobile apps, album covers, posters, corporate identity packages, artwork, etc.

I am always looking for new clients

If you’re looking for someone who can take on your creative/design projects, I am very interested in hearing from you! (Skype: pooshda) The only thing I need to say up front is that I am not a developer / coder and only take on art/design projects.

How Much?

On average I charge $60.00 per billable hour, I work quickly and efficiently so that doesn’t necessarily equate to spending gobs of money on your projects. I do have different pricing structures for certain projects which may vary from the norm but for the most part you’ll probably be paying that $60/hour.


Contact me on Skype: pooshda

Check out my LinkedIn Profile for more professional information about me.


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