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Some Birthday fun with Photoshop!

One of my Boys, Clayton turned 10 not that long ago and for a random little treat I decided to Photoshop him into some cool situations, mainly meshing him with video game or movie characters that he’s into.

I am also available to do this for anyone who may be interested, I am a professional graphic artist / designer and always love new projects, especially the fun ones like this!

Jedi Clayton Uncharted Clayton xwing

Time for my biennial blog post!

Yeah… let’s face it, I have a real problem with sticking to some of these little projects I decide to do — I think I abandoned this blog after about 1 day and haven’t posted since 2013 so here we are.

I’m going to put some effort into this (or so I say) and keep updating it, maybe eventually we’ll gain some traction and it can evolve into something more but for now just a place to share some artwork and random thoughts.

That being said, here’s an unfinished sketch of Yoda… notice I said unfinished, like most things I start these days.

Yoda Sketch

Unfinished sketch of Yoda using a Rapidograph pen (.13 tip size)

Breaking Bad – 2 Hour Cinematic Tribute Video

Breaking Bad in a 2 Hour Cinematic Refresher.

Breaking Bad in a 2 Hour Cinematic Refresher.

This thing has been on YouTube for a while now, but in the spirit of finishing it up (I am working on a longer version to include final 8 episodes PLUS polish this entire thing from top to bottom, there’s about 50 things I think are wrong with it and I need to fix. So yeah, this is a tease, it’s going to be way better and hoping it will be done not too far off here in November.

EDIT: 2015; Well… It got to 1.5 Million, #1 Rank for “Breaking Bad” on YouTube and had about 15,000 likes to 200 dislikes, I miss this video and never did get around to finishing the 4 Hour version either but I figured I would edit this post and replace it with the first 16 minutes, that still remain on my YouTube channel… I wish it wasn’t so hard to get these videos approved.